Commitment to Cooperation for Revitalization of the Nation's Undergraduate Education

In these rapidly changing times, the demands placed on the educational infrastructure of the nation, at all levels, are enormous and growing. This pace of change will continue to encourage cooperative relationships between all of those involved in, and all those who provide support for, the undergraduate education enterprise in the nation.

We, the undersigned, are committed to nurturing the evolution of the highest quality undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SME&T) education, and to catalyzing working relationships between all parties involved in its delivery, and its support. Towards this goal we intend to cooperate with our colleagues in other private, government, or industry oriented funding organizations that support undergraduate education in the nation. We intend to share information about our funding plans and funding profiles, to work towards common and complete assessment of our funded projects, to encourage the widest possible dissemination of project results, and, when appropriate, to support these projects through cost sharing partnerships. We intend to meet as a group periodically to share successes and to cooperate in developing national strategies in education. Through cooperation, we intend to amplify the impact of our individual efforts.

Dated this 12th Day of July, 1996, Washington, D.C.

Signed by representatives of:
The National Science Foundation
The Boeing Company
Hewlett-Packard Company
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Pew Science Program
Shodor Education Foundation